Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions :

Part One: Definitions

Reservation: Any maintenance and assignment of rooms (rooms, suites, apartments, etc.) in the hotel, for a specified period of booking is called.
Reservation applicant: A person who personally or on behalf of another person, by direct or in writing, by sending a letter, fax, or through Internet facilities and website, requests the reservation of the room for a specified period of time.
Reserve receiver: The hotel manager or his legal representative who is authorized to book the hotel and is responsible for and authorized to confirm or sign the reservation.
The subject of the reservation is the place where the guest will be accommodated in the tourist accommodation (accommodation), including a room, suite, apartment, etc., which is indicated on the applicant’s request for reservation.
Duration and booking time: The arrival date of the guest, which starts after 15 days of arrival and will continue until the 12th day of departure.
Amount of reservation (advance payment): The place of payment is as a prepayment in the form of an invoice and usually equivalent to the cost of a one-night stay, which must be paid by the applicant to the hotel account for deposit and the receipt for issuing the reservation book to the hotel reservation department. Delivered.
Waiter (Reservation Confirmation): Any written confirmation or receipt received by the Reserving Authority to the Reserving Person (print, email, and SMS) will be required to be affixed to the hotel stamp or via official electronic channels The hotel has all the reservation details, including booking subject, guest name, prepayment amount, date of arrival and departure, etc., and includes a number and date.

Part Two: Terms of Reservation

After submitting the initial application and announcing the advance payment by the hotel, the applicant must, within the specified time limit, transfer the deposit to the bank account of the hotel and carry out the deposit or bank transfer (including cash deposit to the account, transfer of card to card in the network Accelerate or pay online) to the hotel’s fax number or email.
The hotel will be obliged to apply to the guest upon receipt of the bank account image (or receipt of electronic banking confirmation) and to make a reservation regarding confirmation of the amount of money received or deposit of the deposit and presentation of the confirmation sheet of the reservation to the guest.
Bookings without prepayment or without official correspondence and hotel confirmation are not credible and the hotel will not be held liable for it.
The hotel will not be liable for any delay, cancellation, and cancellation of the traveler’s travel arrangements, and if the guests do not come to the hotel on the due date, the hotel will be subject to cancellation and cancellation.
If booked in the form of a tour, the specific rules of the hotel tour will apply.
Equal to the tariffs of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism The people below the age of 2 years are exempted from any expense, persons between 2 and 6 years of age, and the price of extra persons for half-price children and for people over 6 years of age are fully paid Will be calculated.
At the hotel rates 9% VAT is added, if our tax rate increases, we will receive the difference rate.

Part Three: Admission Requirements

The hour of arrival at the hotel is not calculated and the hours of emptying the room at 12 noon and the delivery of the 14-hour room.
Guests must confirm the reservation and the principal of the bank or fax (print or electronic) upon admission to the hotel.
Having a photographed photo of guests and companions at the time of arrival, residence and observance of Islamic regulations and hotel regulations is required.
Upon request, the guest will be charged 50% to increase the time of stay by 18.00, after which the full cost of one night stay will be charged to the guest.
If the guests arrive before 14:00, the hotel will not have a duty to provide the room and can only cooperate if it is possible and empty.
The hotel is not responsible for the direction, the floor, the color and the room design, and the hotel room number is determined by admission when entering the hotel.
In case of stay, people will be more than the specified capacity of each room, including the cost of people over and does not depend on receiving a bed or an extra service.
The guest is obligated to effect the hotel’s cancellation at the end of the booked stay at the hotel’s specified hour and, if it is desired to be renewed, it will be possible to coordinate and agree to the hotel’s reception.

Part Four: Cancellation or Reservation
Change the date of stay, change the name of the reservation and cancellation of the reservation from the moment of booking confirmation until 18 days before arrival, subject to damages, equivalent to 15% of the cost of staying the first night in the number of rooms booked and from 19:00 onwards equivalent to the cost of staying first At night, the number of rooms will be booked.
If the booking is canceled by the hotel for the following reasons, the visa fee received from the guest will be refunded to him without any costs:
Government security reasons.
Failure to service the hotel due to major force events such as power outages, fires and …
Be on the black list.
The hotel only keeps the room empty for the guest on the arrival date and if the guest does not come to the next 12 days, the reservation is canceled and the cost is equal to one full night in the number of reserved rooms.
If after booking, the hotel rates and the requested services are changed at the hotel, the Reserveholder is required to pay the difference in room rates and services provided.